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Ad Taiwan Festival

Is there a day for the advertising industry?

Endless proposals, tight deadlines, fierce competitions, burning the midnight oil...... these are just some of the things that those in the advertising industry are all too familiar with. They devote countless days and nights to presenting the best of human creativity, and yet they have not had a day that celebrates their hard work. It is for this reason that in 2005, thanks to the collaboration of advertising industry leaders and associations, that Ad Taiwan Festival – a day dedicated to those in the advertising industry – was finally born.


is celebrating its 19th edition in 2024, with the aim of "highlighting the value of the advertising industry, uniting advertising professionals, contributing to society, and recognizing outstanding individuals in advertising." Through the planning of festival activities, we hope to gather advertising professionals for exchanges, boost morale in the advertising industry, engage in social welfare activities utilizing the expertise of advertising professionals, showcase their professionalism, increase public recognition, and interest in the advertising industry, and encourage all advertising professionals to take pride in their profession as "advertisers."

Social Gathering

The speakers and international participants are welcome to attend the entire gathering; domestic attendees with full passes can participate in the Gala Dinner.

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Sep. 2 (Mon.) 18:30 - 21:30

Welcome Dinner

Grand Hyatt Taipei Grand -Ballroom Two

The authentic Taiwanese cuisine and beverage will warmly welcome and comfort you in the DigiAsia Welcome Dinner prior! All the overseas delegates, speakers, VIPs, sponsors and local leaders will be gathered to empower for your 3 following days


Sep. 3 (Tue.) 18:30 - 21:30

Gala Dinner

Grand Hyatt Taipei Grand -Ballroom One

The DigiAsia Gala Dinner, with Asian gourmet and well-arranged networking vibe to mingle with all the delegates from Taiwan, Asia and the world for exclusively the "Taipei Rendezvous"!


Sep. 4 (Wed.) 18:30 - 21:30

Discover your own Taipei

Discover your own Taipei

A free evening for international delegates to explore the beauty of Taipei and enjoy the wonderful nightlife with local delicacy. Go exploring yourself the exotic and charm of Taipei anywhere!

We will provide all assistance to ensure that overseas participants gain a deeper understanding of Taipei's digital lifestyle and leave with a more profound impression.


Sep. 5 (Tue.) 18:30 - 21:30

Farewell Party

Grand Hyatt Taipei Grand -Zigi Zagi

A “Digital Dancing Party” to invite the awesome Taiwanese DJs to trigger your vibrance and create a chill dancing evening to end up our perfect memories of "2024 DigiAsia Taipei”.