About DigiAsia

What is DigiAsia?

DigiAsia is a conference born in 2014. It is organised by the Taipei Association of Advertising Agencies (TAAA), authorized by the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA), which comprises 14 regions across Asia. Held biennially in Taipei, it is the most iconic international event for digital and creative industries in Asia.

The mission of DigiAsia is to create the world's largest digital creative innovation platform and serve as a bridge between the digital industries of Asia and the world. By integrating humanities and technology, blending creativity and innovation, and through sharing and learning, experiencing and exchanging, DigiAsia aims to inspire digital elites in Asia to continuously innovate, create, and venture for a better human life.

Why is DigiAsia important?

DigiAsia is a regular conference dedicated to the Asia region, focusing on digital aspects and bringing together talent in technology, management, and creativity from around the world. Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, thematic exhibitions, and cross-disciplinary exchanges, we combine international perspectives with local experiences to enhance digital knowledge and professionalism, seek opportunities for collaboration, and inspire innovation!

DigiAsia attracts global attention, providing Asia's digital industries with opportunities to gain exposure on the international stage and elevate into international brands. We hope that DigiAsia can stimulate innovation, research, and development in the industry and contribute to Asia's leadership in global digital industry and innovation entrepreneurship trends!

Meet DigiBaby?

DigiBaby was born in 2014 as the newest addition to the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA). It inherits the excellent lineage of traditional advertising while simultaneously embracing digital innovation. Representing a perfect blend of technology and humanity, DigiBaby is perpetually akin to a newborn baby, always self-growing, self-evolving, and steadfast in its original purpose.

In 2016, we introduced sleek lines with a tech-savvy feel to DigiBaby, depicting the hands and feet of a toddler and expressing its curiosity about the world through forward-leaning movements, symbolizing its eagerness to explore the unknown. In 2018, aligning with the conference theme "Experience AI," we added circuit board patterns to DigiBaby's head, symbolizing the infusion of humanity into artificial intelligence.

Starting from 2020, amidst the global pandemic, DigiBaby donned a face mask, inviting attendees to contemplate "Transformation—Under the new normal": the direction and development of industry transformation in the post-pandemic era. In 2022, with the thriving development of web3, people freely traversed between the virtual and real worlds, creating more applications. Consequently, DigiBaby began to take on different personas, unleashing our imagination into the "Web3 Rhapsody" fantasy world, exploring the diverse universe of web3 with knowledge, amusement, storytelling, and romanticism.

In 2024, DigiBaby maintains its spirit of curiosity and learning, with AI at its core, perfectly embodying the fusion of human creativity and artificial intelligence!

Introducing DigiAsia Taipei 2024

The annual theme "AI4U" aims to explore the transformative role of generative artificial intelligence in the digital creative industry.

AI scientist Andrew Ng once said that just as humanity widely adopted electricity a century ago, AI is now akin to a new form of electricity—it's a universal technological innovation that can be widely applied in various fields. So, what should we do with AI?

This speech encapsulates the pervasiveness and versatility of artificial intelligence. AI not only aids in specific tasks but also benefits many different applications. AI should not be confined to the realm of large enterprises; it should be considered a general-purpose technology, comparable to electricity, with the potential to revolutionize various domains.

We firmly believe that artificial intelligence will become an invaluable asset to the digital creative industry, driving a win-win scenario for content culture, digital transformation, and industrial economy. The universal value of AI lies in its power to drive innovation, spanning across various fields and providing equal opportunities for everyone.

Let's explore the AI's—

Usability, Uniqueness, Utility, Universality

This is AI for me, for you, for everyone!
For Me! For U! For Everyone!


Working Committee of DigiAsia 2024 Taipei

Robin Lu / Chairman of 2024 DigiAsia Taipei

Taipei Association of Advertising Agencies (TAAA) Chairman

Gary Chi / Chief Executive Officer of 2024 DigiAsia Taipei

Taipei Association of Advertising Agencies (TAAA)

Yves Huang / Chief Curator of 2024 DigiAsia Taipei

Taipei Association of Advertising Agencies (TAAA)

Johnny Duann / Chief Consultant of 2024 DigiAsia Taipei

Taipei Association of Advertising Agencies (TAAA)

Huang Ya Lan / Vice Chairman of 2024 DigiAsia Taipei

Kaohsiung Association of Advertising Agencies (KAAA) Chairman

Gary Chi / Vice Chairman of 2024 DigiAsia Taipei

International Advertising Association (IAA) Chairman

Vince Cheng / Vice Chairman of 2024 DigiAsia Taipei

The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Taipei R. O. C. (4A) Chairman

JJ Lu / Vice Chairman of 2024 DigiAsia Taipei

Media Agency Association (MAA) Chairman

Nathan Chiu / Vice Chairman of 2024 DigiAsia Taipei

The Digital Marketing Association (DMA) Chairman

JC Li / Vice Chairman of 2024 DigiAsia Taipei

Taipei International Public Relations Association (TIPRA) Chairman

2024 DigiAsia Taipei Preparation Committee

Evan Teng / Honorary Chairman


Robin Lu / Chairman

CEO of dentsu X

Yves Huang / Committee Member

CEO of cacaFly

Gary Chi / Committee Member

CEO of isobar Taiwan

Nakakawa Xie / Committee Member

Chairman of SHAPE Advertising

FY Lu / Committee Member

Group Managing Director of Ogilvy

Jonathon Chen / Committee Member

CEO of FunCapital

Roi Chang / Committee Member